Friday 28 March 2014

Slightly Despicable Minion Cookies

Sometimes a cookie is going so well, I get so excited and BAM. It all just tumbles to the ground.
These minion cookies were AWESOME! The overalls were great, the colours were great. And then...the goggles came...Womp womp wommmmp.

I panicked and circles became squircles. and circovals. And not round. Oh well....These are for a friends birthday and I hope she loves them. Minions are quirky little devil's anyway! It was my fault for not using a stencil and thinking I could do it freehand. NOPE! I will have to try these again, I was really devastated how wonky they looked...but I ran out of time to make new ones :(

Jerry, Carl and Tim! Ba-na-na Ba-na-na-na!

BEEE-DO BEE-DO- BEE-DO *minion giggles*

Tim, Jerry and Carl. Looking happy hanging out with their cookie friends!

I absolutely LOVE minions. And so does my friend. Who can resist? They just make me so happy! I love Carl the best. He's so ridiculously cute!

Do you love minions?? Know someone else who does? I'm sure you can do these, too! Or even just use the colours to make cute designs! I dream up party ideas whenever I make cookies. I'd love to just do that forever! Someone have a kid who likes minions so I can come plan a party!

Have a great day everyone!

And remember...don't sweat the small stuff!


P.S She loved them and was super sweet about how cute they looked, even if the eyes were wonky ;) That's what best friends are for! <3

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